Ford Super Duty is Tougher than the Status Quo

Ford Super Duty means tough, and they mean it. This truck was designed to have the durability and strength that will allow you to get the job done without worrying if your truck can handle it. Here are some of the advances in engineering that Ford used to achieve this reliability.

First, Ford improved the frame of the Super Duty to include 10 cross members made from high-strength steel. This frame is 24 times stiffer than older models and is able to resist flexing and twisting better. This makes this truck perfect for the job site and other off-road work. Ford also increased the strength of the axles so that they can bear more weight. These components can handle all the power that the 450hp engine can deliver.

The Ford Super Duty has the strength that is impressive. Stop by Dublin Ford Lincoln so that you can test drive one today.



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