Tips on How to Jump-Start Another Car

When you’re putting an emergency kit together for your vehicle, it’s recommended to include a set of jumper cables. They require very little space and are inexpensive. Jump-starting another vehicle is not complicated. You just need to be aware that each end has a positive and negative cable to conduct electrical current. Use care when connecting them to the batteries and avoid touching any other metal surface.

The red cable represents positive current. That should be the first one connected to the dead battery. The battery should have a “plus” sign next to the terminal. Connect the black cable next. It’s the negative charge, and you should see a “minus” sign next to that battery terminal. Repeat the steps with the good battery. Let them charge for a minute and rev the engine with the good battery. The battery should spark after one or two attempts to start.

If you can’t get the vehicle started after three or four tries, it’s best to stop and get it in for inspection. There’s likely another electrical issue causing the problem. Our service center here at Dublin Ford Lincoln in Dublin, GA to assist you with all your vehicle’s maintenance needs. One of our knowledgeable technicians will be happy to answer your questions.

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