Replacing Your Car After Hurricane Irma? Use These Tricks to Avoid Buying Another Flooded Car!

Although Florida took most of the damage, there was still significant flooding in Georgia while Hurricane Irma was paying us a visit. If you were one of the unfortunate Dublin drivers to have your car totaled by the storm, then you'll be looking for a replacement.

As you search for a pre-owned vehicle, however, beware of title-washed cars that suffered just as much flood damage as the car you had to get rid of. Some sellers may try to pass them off as clean-titled used cars, and says this shady practice is especially common in Georgia.

  • Review the AutoCheck vehicle history report—a flood title may be listed there
  • Look for water-logged headlights
  • Inspect the engine compartment for mud clogged in tight crevices
  • Smell the seats and carpet for mildew or mold odors, and be suspicious of freshly-shampooed carpets
  • Check the undercarriage, trunk, and center console for rust
  • Make sure all electronics are functioning properly
  • Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle if you are unsure
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