Guidelines for the Best Time to Change Your Oil

When to change the oil on your vehicle can be a confusing decision. Some of these guidelines should help you through the process for the best time or mileage to do that oil change.

  • Check the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle. The manual will usually give you a service schedule based on the type of driving you to do.
  • Go under the hood and check the oil dipstick. If your oil is low or looks dirty consider changing it.
  • Do not go by the 3000-mile rule.
  • Rely on the oil life monitor on your vehicle. Newer vehicles have sensors to tell you the best time for an oil change.
  • Consider changing to a synthetic oil to go for longer periods between oil changes.

These guidelines are a helpful tool for oil change intervals, but when you have any doubts, it is always best to discuss it with the experienced service technicians at Dublin Ford Lincoln.

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